You have Permission
To want things that are out of your reach
Then, you have Permission to release the wanting, so you can feel peace

You have Permission to change
To no longer do what you have done, be who you have been
You have Permission to no longer want what you once wanted

You have Permission to say No to what no longer lights you up
Over and over and over, so many No’s, you lose count
Until all that is left is one stark desire, your YES

You have Permission to be sad, to grieve change
What was tethered to that former desire, self, life has to be let go, too
Because you understand growth also means saying goodbye,
You have Permission to own this full-bodied wisdom of light and dark, bitter and sweet
To feel your life’s complexity entirely, to feel it all

You have Permission to be frustrated in the time-between No and Yes
To keep looking for something more than this
To wonder why you still feel this way, after so many weeks/months/years
To not understand “why?”
To wonder, “If I’ll ever…”
To not know the overarching plan, purpose or meaning for your life
To still want answers that you cannot give yourself
You have Permission to be in the dark

You have Permission to no longer make yourself less-than,
or not enough,
or wrong,
for all of these things are truly out of your hands
-including your Soul’s unfolding, happening in its own pace and time-
You have Permission to not take responsibility for what you cannot control

You have Permission to stop trying to heal or fix yourself
To stop believing yourself to be broken
You have Permission to stop believing that changing yourself will change anything at all
You have Permission to set it down
Permission to give yourself space to breathe

You have Permission to allow this chapter, this section, of your Book of Life, to be exactly As It Is

You have Permission to take just one step toward nurturing yourself in this moment
One step toward self-kindness, and joy
You have Permission to follow your tentative impulse to reach for pleasure, relaxation, ease
To Trust only in this: what feels Right to you in this moment
Without knowing whether it will lead to anything beyond the feeling it gives you right now

You have Permission to be Present
To empty yourself out, Permission to let go entirely
To center yourself in the spacious awareness of I Am

You have Permission to call forth Grace in yourself, for yourself
To be okay within your swirling thoughts and feelings
To be okay within all you cannot control- change, time, the World, Consciousness Itself

You have Permission to not define yourself by what you have, are, or do
…And to give yourself unimaginable levels of Permission, anyhow
To seize every opportunity for joy, self-kindness, beauty, tenderness
Permission to live your life with abandon, to be ravished by your own Self-Permission

You have Permission to stop waiting for another’s Permission, if that’s what you’ve been doing

Permission to ask the question: How have I been holding out on myself?

Permission to experience delicious and freeing self-affirmation

…when you finally decide to give all you’ve been denying yourself, to yourself

keep in touch.