Butterfly Logic


I willingly surrender the illusion of my own personal evolution

-that healing through THIS will lead to a better, more complex, more Evolved me-

everyone tells me this, though

the tarot cards

the spiritual books

all those damned butterfly metaphors


when I sit with Nature I witness something else


the caterpillar is not less evolved than the butterfly, no?

each are magnificently intelligent

each reaching for, aspiring towards, their ultimate




before changing, yet again

before being thrust back into the cycle of death and rebirth


so it goes with us

we don’t evolve into a more enlightened life form, or version of Self

(…maybe a version of Self we’d like to take into the future

…maybe for this illusory confidence: to rest assured we won’t repeat THIS again)



we expand who we already are, right now

until there’s nothing left to do but go beyond this

and become, anew


we Become

not more evolved, intelligent, specialized, complex

we Become 

more varied, diverse, experienced, adaptable


observe Nature and you will see


we are becoming, You and I

becoming the maximum expression of what’s possible for us in this moment

until we can’t take THIS any further

until we let it go

until we change again


-Jessica Shepherd, healer, author Follow the Moonlit Path

keep in touch.