I Lava You Big Island Lariat


This I Lava You lariat captures the wild elegance of the Big Island. Featuring Hawaiian lava rock and shell.



The Big Island is wild, and well, big. The vastness of it, the spongey volcanic rock covering miles and miles, it kind of makes you wonder whether you’re in Hawaii. Maybe the desert…or maybe you’re on the Moon? Then, you find yourself on a white sandy beach with azure, topaz and milky blue waters, and you remember: Yes. I am definitely in Hawaii.

Thus, we found ourselves at Queen’s Bath, or somewhere near it. We got a little lost on our trip to the Big Island. So, I began doing what I do when I find myself at loose ends on a beach- looking in the sand for treasure. Every beach is slightly different from the others; each specializing in a different sea treasure. To my delight, I found this heart shaped lava rock. Likewise, this gorgeous shell. I don’t know it’s name. But I do know I rarely see these anywhere in Hawaii.

I do find heart-shaped things a lot. When you look through the eyes of love, you will find it.


-27″ total length 14k gold fill figaro chain with 14k gold hand wire wrapped findings

-Big Island heart shaped lava rock

-Big Island shell

-comes with a cotton muslin Butterflies & Coffee pouch for your jewelry’s safekeeping

…If you haven’t heard this song yet, take a listen to I LAVA YOU (linked). Grab tissue.


I want you to wear your lovingly made pieces with Aloha in your heart. Remember: Here on the islands, it’s easy to see that we are all part of the ‘aina (land). As an artist, I respectfully use these resources surrounding, and I give thanks. THANK YOU, Goddess Pele, Mother Earth and Source/Spirit/Creator. My deepest gratitude. I reverently, joyfully, co-create with the beauty of these islands, which I de-light in sharing with you! XX Jessica



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