It begins with a first cup of morning coffee, a rocking chair and Hawaii sunshine. The feeling of expansive lightness. Then, there is the butterfly. She dances across my front yard, bright flowering bushes against azure sky. I am content. I start to hum a singsong rhyme to a tune you may know, listing my favorite things: butterflies & coffee, puppies & kittens, strawberries, roses, vanilla & lemons, seascapes at twilight and cool mountain streams, these are a few of my favorite things…

My favorite things put me in touch with my Light. Good Kona coffee in a perfect cup for drinking. The beauty of curated objects, words, images arranged just so. My favorite Divination card deck. Words, smooth, silky, like salty caramel. Watermelon tourmaline stone (have you seen it?). Intimate conversations steeped in wisdom, beauty and Truth. Waking up to Truth. Creative self-expression in all forms. The gentle warmth of the sun at my back. The vast ocean, viewed from my lanai. My dog. Dogs, generally. A world full of dogs is one I want to live in!

Drinking my coffee and watching butterflies from the rocking chair all things are possible. The world is my oyster, and I am its pearl. Life becomes a light-filled place of beauty, whimsy and exploration. I am continually waking up to what is always and eternally True and right here. This sense of wonder, Light, spacious abundance is Butterflies and Coffee.

A forum for creative self-expression in all forms. A place to receive inspiration, integration and quiet sanctuary. A space to receive ease and permission to relax into your beautiful, soft, True essence.

This is a world I want to live in. Welcome. E Komo Mai. xx Jessica

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