What If All I Want Is…

What if all I want is an ordinary life? What if all I want is a quiet life of seeking refuge in stillness and small moments? What if I have no desire to be the Queen of Social Media or participate in conversations that do not open my heart?   What if I only crave […]

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What Did You Love as a Child?

“What did you love to do as a child?” I asked my Leo Sun husband. He instantly replied: go to Radio Shack and get the battery of the week, then figure out where to use it. He loved leatherwork (he and I both. I, too, enjoyed visiting the Tandy leather store). He also loved to […]

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You Okay? (I AM, even here in Hawaii)

Over here in Hawaii we’re on alert for a potential hurricane, and so the whole state is practicing our emergency preparedness. I had to smile because this (image above) is the card I pulled yesterday. It is from my (COMING SOON) Intuitive Energy Oracle Deck. I hadn’t planned on sharing this with you yet since […]

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I AM Human, I AM Divine

I have off days. I have days where I am not feeling quite like myself. Days I fall into wormholes of conditioning, conditioning that I’m not sure I know how to work through. I have sleepless nights, nights where I awaken a lot and feel shitty. Nights where I just want the morning to arrive […]

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A Creative Woman

A woman who takes creative risks is a rare thing, indeed
She has done the work of undoing the ties that keep most bound
to mainstream, consensus, the middle of the road
She’s discovered the freedom and joy of playing outside the norms of convention
of experimentation
of boldly doing what those around her are not

by listening to what makes her own wild heart beat
no longer fettered and hemmed in by fear, opinion or expectation
She has discovered the delicious freedom of artful living:

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The Role of the Healer, Now (there is nothing wrong with you)

Once, long ago, in a faraway land called Ojai, CA I met with a healer of importance. I had become friends with a client who invited me to a colleague’s house for a gathering. This spiritual teacher was visiting from India, and this event, created in his honor, would allow each invited to share a private moment. As I waited to walk into the guest house where he was staying, to receive an individual blessing, I was so nervous. What would he see? Would he pinpoint that elusive thing causing my suffering? Would he see what was wrong with me?

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