My Soul Said Yes


To the thing my mind vehemently objected to


To the thing I had a million and one fears around doing


To that which I’ve carefully planned around avoided dreaded –and for good reason


To all that is rational, practical, real and reasonable


My Soul Said Yes


Impossible! My mind screamed. This isn’t what I want


Or was it?


Because when I addressed each fear and emotion and pattern of conditioning


When I went through the layers, one by one, with care, discernment and compassion


When I held my own hand through my darkest fears and terrors, all the outcomes


I was returned back to peace


And in that sweet relief, like a light tearing through the thick fog


My Soul joyously beamed through my belly, saying,


You WANT this


You will enjoy this


We want you to have this pleasure


I was surprised, and I was not surprised


Because I asked to be shown the Truth


…the Truth which does not have to make logical sense for it to be So…


And now I sit, integrating this budding relationship, within


Between what I think, what I feel, what I think I feel …and who I AM


-Jessica Shepherd, author, Follow the Moonlit Path

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