Do Not Fret // Winter Solstice

Do not fret:

If you are feeling cloudy,
if the fog in your mind feels thick,
your vitality low.
This is the season of darkness.
This is winter.
This is how you feel.

Do not fret:

If your muscles ache,
your skin is dry,
lips chapped,
if the cold damp seeps into places you’ve forgotten were there,
if you are surprised
(and also not surprised)
by all of it.
This is the season of decay.
The season of aging.
This is the cycle we get to experience with Earth.
And this is all in Spirit Order.

Do not fret if:
You are feeling less-than,
you lack enthusiasm for most things,
you can count more shoulds than wins.
Do not beat yourself up for this.

You are not meant to scale great heights right now,
but to descend into

Receive the Peace that gives all,
and wants nothing from you in return.
Only asking your gentle presence,
which the loss of all

-Jessica Shepherd, author Follow the Moonlit Path

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