Heart of Glass Wire Wrapped Pendant


Once I had a love and it was a gas…soon turned out had a heart of glass… – Blondie



Sea glass hearts!

I love the “imperfections” of these hearts. I find imperfection interesting, distinctive. Everyone’s heart is a little different, no? There are infinite combinations for what, who and how we love. Likewise, there is a heart for everyone to love… no matter how different-seeming. Someone just right for you, and someone just right for me.

While no two hearts are the same, like this pair, every heart is destined to find another heart to love.

-18″ rose gold filled + wire wrapped blue sea glass heart

-20″ sterling silver + wire wrapped green sea glass heart

-comes in a cotton muslin Butterflies & Coffee pouch for your jewelry’s safekeeping

-list price is for one necklace; specify your color choice in the comments at checkout



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