days like these are meant for feeling into the weather,

for noticing the shifting quality of light,

and how the leaves rejoice in their new golden glow


for delighting in: the black bird who bathes in the drizzling grey rain,

and the victory of the heron, for having just snagged a fresh worm


days like these are for putting on your raincoat, yet being unafraid of getting wet,

for connecting with the moving waters, and the little tadpoles,

the family of ducks cleaning one another’s downy feathers


days like these are for exploring the sumptuous luxury of wearing layers,

the decadent layering texture, color, fabric, smell,

forget minimalism; let each beauty compete for space, on you


days like these are made for cinnamon and warming oils,

hot chocolate and reminiscing,

for noticing:

street lamps at dusk,

storm squalls over the ocean,

and rediscovered beauty wherever you may find it


days like these are for noticing what lights you up, from within,

all over again

this year, right now, on this day


-Jessica Shepherd, author, Follow the Moonlit Path

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