on the small loosening of stuck things

you can recover from shock, loss, grief

one frosty breath at a time

by finding the stillness at the frozen center

breathing life force and energy back up and in

even if the water does not penetrate you yet

feel where it is blocked

feel it flow underneath and around – Life

allow the slow thaw of winter to begin


the small loosening of stuck things

the wailing in your ovaries, the grip of your fingers so tight

a clinging to what? you no longer remember

a fear of releasing, letting go, a fear of trusting life


notice, notice, notice


let it be

allow the cinder block in your pelvis

allow barren ovaries

allow the band of tightness around your heart

allow dry tongue, ragged breath

small trickles of water tracing paths around all


and this is how Life begins again

the slow re-mineralization of fluids back into tissues, then bone

this is how, ever so imperceptibly, you heal


-Jessica Shepherd
healer, artist, author of Follow the Moonlit Path

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