A Creative Woman

A woman who takes creative risks is a rare thing, indeed
She has done the work of undoing the ties that keep most bound
to mainstream, consensus, the middle of the road
She’s discovered the freedom and joy of playing outside the norms of convention
of experimentation
of boldly doing what those around her are not

by listening to what makes her own wild heart beat
no longer fettered and hemmed in by fear, opinion or expectation
She has discovered the delicious freedom of artful living:
the way all women of independence do it, creating a way of life, a holistic way of living, inspired and true only to the female Spirit within

She creates. She cooks. She has vision.

She lives the life everyone wants- and one many women won’t give their self permission to live.
She is Ahead. of. her. time.

This is what it looks like to live freely, in oneself. To be awake.
You live from your center.
You become a woman willing to hold up the lantern for another way of being.
This woman is You.

-Jessica Shepherd
healer, artist, author of Follow the Moonlit Path

photo: Georgia O’Keefe

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