Sea Sugar Stack Bracelets (set of 3)


Want to have a treasured piece of Hawaii with you, all the time? Wear your lust for the tropics and love for the sea with this gorgeous set of three (3) custom bangles, handmade for you in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii.



Who wants just one bangle? No one. These are designed to stack and complement.

Bangle 1: genuine sea glass, clear white, sterling silver 12 gage hammered finish

Bangle 2: genuine sea glass, coca cola clear/light green, sterling silver 12 gage hammered finish

Bangle 3: between 10mm-14mm violet/pink/champagne colored freshwater Edison pearl, 14 gage with 14k gold fill hammered finish

Bangles pictured are typical but not identical to what you will receive. Once you submit your order, I will email you a few choices. No two elements in Nature are the same.

Carefully *choose your size* when ordering. To measure your correct bangle size: imagine you are putting on a bangle, so squeezing your tips of fingers together. Using a tape measure, wrap it around the largest part of your hand (not your wrist), at the lower knuckle of your thumb to that of your pinky, and measure in inches. You want your bangle to be able to easily slip on your hand. For a comfortable and assured fit, it is advised that you round up by at least 1/4″. For example, if your measurement is 7 1/2″, choose 8″.

About sea glass: I have gathered genuine sea glass aged and softened by the sea (as opposed to manmade) from various beaches in Hawaii. Since real sea glass is diminishing due to various environmental factors, owning a piece of true sea glass jewelry is a rarity. Again, expect variation and irregularity in the glass. Note that perfectly smoothed and uniformly shaped glass is most often manmade.

About Edison pearls: Edisons are freshwater pearls that have been coated with a shimmer of color. They have a slightly metallic, lustrous exterior that catches light very beautifully. However, because these are coated with color they can scratch and chip. Delicate pearls want to be worn and admired -and- treated with care.

~Beauty Lives in Imperfection~

“One of the basic rules of the Universe is that nothing is perfect. Perfection simply doesn’t exist. Without imperfection neither you nor I would exist.” -Stephen Hawking




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