Chunky Frosted Clear Sea Glass Necklace, Rose Gold Chain


Stay cool as an ice cube with this chunky clear pendant.



This is one of the more interesting sea glass pieces I’ve found; a chunky frosted white glass piece that practically glows and, when paired with rose gold wire wrapping and chain, looks almost pink itself.

It also LOOKS cool. It’s been hot this summer. So, wearing a necklace that resembles a chunk of ice is oddly cooling.

When my beautiful sister, Erika, visited Oahu, she took home the rectangular piece. But lucky you — there is one left! Here it is:

-20″ rose gold fill chain, rose gold wire wrap

-teardrop shaped frosty white Oahu sea glass

*Note: For size comparison, my beautiful model is wearing a 22″ chain. This chain – on the teardrop necklace – is 20.” If you’d prefer a slightly longer chain for the pendant, specify in the checkout notes; I can likely accommodate.

I want you to wear your lovingly made pieces with Aloha in your heart. Remember: Here on the islands, it’s easy to see that we are all part of the ‘aina (land). I respectfully use these resources to create beauty and give thanks to Goddess Pele, Mother Earth and Source/Spirit/Creator.


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