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Personalized Asteroid Goddess Report *


Based on her groundbreaking book, Asteroid Goddesses, this 40-50 page report written by Demetra George picks up where Venus and the Moon leave off, offering original, next-level insights to issues common to both men and women, like finding: greater self-acceptance and self-love, your path to spiritual and personal integration, lasting fulfillment through intimacy, the sacred in sexuality… and more. Learn about:

Ceres- how to best nourish and feed yourself, patterns of self-neglect you may need to overcome, how to generate more self-acceptance & love

Pallas– your ability to birth creative ideas, how to integrate your masculine and feminine, your capacity for healing and as a healer

Juno– key qualities of your ideal mate, what you must have in any long-term relationship to be fulfilled -and what happens when this is denied

Vesta– how you tend the flame of your relationship to yourself, what you devote your sexual energy and focus to -often to exclusion of all else

This personalized in-depth report covers the mythology of your 4 asteroid goddesses, by house, sign and major and minor aspects to the planets, nodes and angles of the birth chart. Plus, it teaches you how to integrate what you’ve learned, so you can understand which Goddess is most prominent -and important- for you.

Download a full sample report right here.

I cannot emphasize enough how special and unique this information is; you cannot find it elsewhere (I’ve looked). Discover your Goddess wisdom. Order yours today!



Important: This report will be emailed to you after you pay for your report and reply to my email with your birth data. You will receive an email asking for your birth time, date, place and preferred house system. You must reply to that email in order to receive your report, which I send within 24 hours of your reply. You can order more than one report at one time.


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