You Okay? (I AM, even here in Hawaii)

Over here in Hawaii we’re on alert for a potential hurricane, and so the whole state is practicing our emergency preparedness.

I had to smile because this (image above) is the card I pulled yesterday.

It is from my (COMING SOON) Intuitive Energy Oracle Deck. I hadn’t planned on sharing this with you yet since there is more to come. However, as concerned text messages started arriving yesterday, the synchronicity proved too impossible and irresistible to overlook.

I mean, can we get a more perfect message for right now?

I am definitely working with this one today. As an aside, I always feel into storms when they come. Storms, generally speaking, seem to arrive in order to shift energy quickly. We are feeling confident this one will pass by, but it is keeping us on our toes –like the hula dancer.

Here is the interpretation I had written. Maybe it speaks to you, too!

Card 53
I’m Okay

Symbol: High tide and high winds cannot disturb the peaceful Hula dancer, who is protected by remaining aware of her connection to her Divinity. Things in life can get temporarily uncomfortable. Yet when we consistently come back to remembering that we are good, safe and loved we can dance with life and be with it as it is, not needing it to be anything other, because we know that we are good and okay no matter what. I AM OKAY. Our sensitivity – to energy, temporary changes in the environment and other people -never alters this fact.

Interpretation: We are sensitive beings. We feel things… things that feel wonky, dis-resonant, not okay in our energy body. Yet just because we don’t feel okay, energetically, doesn’t mean we aren’t okay. This distinction is important to make since, as an energy sensitive being, perhaps there’s no easier way to come undone in a slow (or rapid) unravel than to believe that you are not okay. Suddenly, we find our self on the brink, and nothing feels safe, despite its opposite being True. Have you gotten caught up in a story? Are you telling yourself that YOU are not okay, when it is really the energy you are experiencing, or the story you are telling yourself about it? It is time to come back into this moment, and as compassionately and kindly as possible. It is easy to get carried away. Life throws a lot at us, somedays, sometimes. But not all the time.

You can return to feeling peaceful, again. Return by reminding yourself you are: Safe, Good, Loved. Start by grounding, rooting and centering. Then, one by one, check in. Ask your energy body (not your mind): Am I safe? Wait. Listen to what arises. You are safe. You are secure. Am I good? Wait and listen. Listen for the yes, and watch if your mind wants to argue with that. Am I loved? Wait for the energy body to answer. Listen to what arises, including the mind’s objection, if any, but always return to connecting with the Truth of your knowing.

The Truth is, you are totally safe right now, you are essentially okay -no matter what is going on- and you are loved, lovingly held in the arms of the Divine Love because you are that Love. This is the essence of how to feel deeply okay …and the more you energetically affirm that you ARE okay, no matter what, the more you will be okay! Remember, it’s an energy practice. You don’t get to back to feeling like a Rockstar Intuitive Goddess by saying “I’m okay”. You feel into the Truth of it. Then, decide to consistently return to feeling okay by making this a practice.

Stay safe!
Aloha & So Much Love,

-Jessica Shepherd
healer, artist, author of Follow the Moonlit Path

artwork: by Jessica Shepherd, Intuitive Energy Divination Deck, COMING SOON!

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