I like soft things

blankets of rain, falling in sheets

then, the fresh smell of the morning-after

the downy fur of the small creature I nuzzle my face into

and soft colors: blues, lavenders, pinks


I like soft features

a round, open, trusting face

the curving lines of a generous hip and mouth

open-ness, as a quality of being, always feels good to me


I like soft sounds

the steady breathing of my sleeping lover

the chitter chatter of birds at daybreak

a classical guitar being played in a quiet room

the rhythm of gentle waves rolling onto the shore


I like soft feelings

the warm embrace of a friend

the up-swelling of love when I’m moved by Beauty and Truth

reunions of all sorts

a long-awaited blessing given to what has been forgotten, unacknowledged, lost, injured


I like my softness

the way I deeply feel impressions, edges, grooves and shapes of things

that my first instinct is to love and protect, always

how harsh sounds, words, energies cause me to recoil because they are not gentle

they are not me

and I am soft


-Jessica Shepherd, healer, author, Follow the Moonlit Path


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