Intuitive Energy Divination Deck. Coming Soon!



Long before card and oracle decks existed, healers consulted Mother Nature for intuitive guidance, the oldest form of divination. A walk in the forest, mountains, by a riverbed or beach could yield many insights into questions about the mysteries of life. I live by the ocean, so the beach, the sea, and the tropical landscape of Hawaii is my oracular deck. There is so much symbolism here to work with – it is a playground. Shells, fish, whales, driftwood, starfish, turtles, sand, debris, coral, plankton, old fishermen nets, hermit crabs, sunrise and sunset, the tide, sand dollars, coconuts, palm fronds, sea glass… you can interpret anything!

A Light Attitude

When walking the beach, it is easy to get drawn back into a simpler and more innocent, lighter, way of being in and looking at the world. Carries and burdens more easily slide off our back and minds. Worries almost disappear along with the horizon line where ocean meets sky.

As you pick up each shell card, uncertain of what you will find underneath, take the light and playful attitude of a child with you. At various points in history, the act of divination, in all of its forms became too dark, scary, even (it is important to remember that, at those same times, the Truth was very threatening to the collective, and so sought to demonize it). This deck is Light. There is nothing heavy, here. No fear-based predictions. No dark symbols.

Remember, nothing external to you can ever tell you what you don’t already know is true; and if something, anything at all, ever feels untrue for you… just toss it back into the sea.


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