Hawaiian Sea Glass Silk Sari Wrap Bracelet -Coca Cola Frosted Blue-Green 1 1/2″


Sea glass + silk sari ribbons = likely the most sustainable & earth-friendly jewelry piece you’ll ever own!

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Sea glass is my muse. Aside from its obvious beauty, I think I love it so because it teaches alchemy. The idea that something we discard, we may even deem worthless, can be transformed into something precious and priceless… well, this perpetually fascinates me. To me, this is *exactly* what it means to be human. Our greatest weakness, given proper perspective and care, can become our greatest strength. Unfairness and hard luck, with time, patience and self-kindness, will reveal gifts.

Sea glass reminds us to view all of life, ourselves, in this way, as inherently valuable. Value everything. Throw nothing out.

For this reason I was delighted to discover recycled sari silk while looking for new ideas for sea glass jewelry-making.

What’s so special about recycled sari ribbon? Here’s what my supplier FeltBetter on Etsy says: First and most importantly, it is recycled. It provides jobs for women in India and Nepal, it’s a fair trade product, and there is no child labor. It’s fun, exotic, helps the planet, gives us a peek into another world of colors and textures…and it sparks the imagination. 

So, here you have it: Alchemy in action. Old sari bits and broken glass, transformed, become a beautiful objet d’ art!


-this listing is for the piece in pics #3 and #4 of the slide show; glass size/color also listed in the product name

-4 bracelets in 1! each wire wrapped sea glass piece comes with 4 different colors of interchangeable sari silk (see pics)

-to wrap: Place stone on top of wrist, alternate wrapping ribbons on either side. To finish, tuck the ends underneath.

-comes with a cotton muslin Butterflies & Coffee pouch for your jewelry’s safekeeping

-you can care for your sari silk by hand-washing with dish soap when needed


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