One day you will know


there are so many things we yet don’t understand of the world, and of others

but can feel the Truth of them deep in our bones

we don’t understand what it means to be different – not like that, exactly

oppressed, confused by, struggling with, in that particular way they do

but we do know different-ness, struggle and oppression in our own ways


the Truth, you see, is never arrived at through intellectual understanding

it is a sympathy, a knowing, a feeling

a transmission of Oneness

as ordinary and matter of fact as the Sun or Stars or Ocean


the Truth is: you are exceptional, as am I

and one day…one day while you are gazing at the ocean, the waves lapping at your feet

you will know this

so deeply

so expansively

it will be as if someone has turned on the light in a very dark room

and you will see that everything and everyone you ever thought ordinary, banal even

is bathed the permanent Light of exceptional brilliance

the nobility of the Human Spirit

and the Beauty, the reverie of this

will overtake you


-Jessica Shepherd
healer, artist, author of Follow the Moonlit Path

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