Meet Ella Rae

Meet Ella Rae: my niece and marketing guru. Ella Rae is a Gemini, a GapKids model, jewelry designer (she designed this fish piece; I merely executed it for her) and the biggest champion, and customer (so far), of I recruited her services when she visited last week.

Ella Rae: “Auntie Jess, how many of your jewelry have you sold?”

Me: <crickets>

Ella Rae: “WHY? You are SO GOOD you could open your own store.”

Me: “I know. I can do anything. I just like being able to have time to write books, too, and do other fun things.”

Ella Rae: “YOU WRITE BOOKS?!!! How did I not know this?!”

Me: “Yes, I’m even famous …to a small group of people.”

Ella Rae: “WHAT??? How famous?”

Me: “Well, sometimes people want to meet me or get my autograph.”

Ella Rae: (hits forehead with palm) “HOW DID I NOT KNOW YOU LED THIS SECRET LIFE?!!!”


Ella Rae: “Hmmm. Maybe people aren’t buying your jewelry because they don’t like coffee. Maybe you should change your name.”

Me: “Maybe they’re not buying because I like creating more than selling …and this is how I like to spend my time.”

Ella Rae: “You should do something about that.”

Me: “Maybe if you model the jewelry we just made together, it will inspire me to put it up on my site. Would you like that?”

Ella Rae: “YES!!!!”




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