In the time it takes…

in the time it takes
for a turtle to return to its place of birth and lay new eggs
for the riverbed to slightly bend, to allow for a new stream
for the winter snow to melt into spring water

in the time it takes
for a broken bone to heal
for the shoot of a lemon tree to bear its first fruit
an ouch to stop its sting
the bud of a flower to open, bloom and then let go

Time will have carved its place for your dream seed
having cleaved near a fragrant pool of fresh water
planted in fertile stardust
hidden, protected

in the time it takes
for the Earth to rain, shake and settle again
for the Sun to eclipse the Moon
and a chunk of heaven to stream through the sky

Mother Goddess will have watered your seeds with tears, sweat and Grace
the mountains will have ever so slightly shifted to make a place for your seed
Consciousness Itself will have created new Ease and Permission
so that you may easily glide into expansive new inner spaces

this is co-creation
be patient, child, you are not alone
the Whole Universe moves to Spirit’s gentle pace
nothing, no one, is left behind

your dream is anchored under a rock, near a sacred pool, surrounded by ferns and flowers
swathed in such brilliant Light the human eye cannot yet see it
but you… you can feel it… right here
silently, surely, patiently growing, along with the turtles, the riverbed and lemons, the Moon

in the time it takes

…for your dream is the unfolding Dream Life has for Itself

-Jessica Shepherd
healer, artist, author of Follow the Moonlit Path

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